Monday, March 27, 2017

Duff Guide to Ska Fast Takes: Monty Neysmith and The Bishops "Fung Shu" b/w "Skin Flint" 7"!

Label artwork by CHema Skandal, featuring a "Braces" and "Boots" sides. 
(Review by Steve Shafer)

Monty Neysmith and The Bishops "Fung Shu" b/w "Skin Flint" (7" red or blue vinyl single, Jump Up Records/Mad Butcher, 2017): The great Monty Neysmith, keyboardist/songwriter for one of the first skinhead reggae groups in the UK Symarip (which, of course, released the essential album Skinhead Moonstomp in 1969 on Trojan), has re-recorded two of his classic tunes with his current musical collaborators--Omaha, Nebraska's pride and joy, The Bishops (who backed Neysmith on his 2016 US tour and his "Jump" b/w "Laurels for Laurel" single, also for Jump Up). "Fung Shu" and "Skin Flint" are terrific cuts from Skinhead Moonstomp--"Fung Shu" (about a clown who lost his girlfriend and never smiled/opened his mouth unless he sang this nonsensical song) is given a more straight up reggae reading, while the keyboard heavy instrumental "Skin Flint" (co-written with Roy Ellis) retains its fantastic skinhead reggae flavor. Both are wonderful. As the small print around the edge of the paper label states, "Keep Skinhead music alive! Love music, hate racism."

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Word is that Neysmith and The Bishops have recorded a full album--Monty Neysmith meets The Bishops--which will be released this May at the Supernova International Ska Festival in Virginia.

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