Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Bigger Thomas Album: Steal My Sound

Our good friends Bigger Thomas have just released a really terrific new album titled Steal My Sound that we highly recommend you check out (I previewed some of the tracks here, when they were going to name it Pure--and promise to write up the whole thing very soon!). Steal My Sound was produced by King Django at his Version City Studios and features guest appearances by Roy Radics of The Rudie Crew and Dave Barry of The Toasters, Beat Brigade, and a million other NYC area ska bands. Oh, and the artwork was done by this graphic designer named John "Teflon" Sims, who happened to create some incredibly iconic artwork for 2 Tone and The Specials back in the day...

To give Steal My Sound a listen, you can stream it from Bigger Thomas' MySpace page. Then head over to Marc Wasserman's blog, Marco on the Bass (if you don't know, he is the bass player for Bigger Thomas and a mega-fan of 2 Tone and 80s-era ska--his blog is always a great read) to purchase a copy of the CD directly from the band via PayPal. The album is also available from CD Baby and as a digital download from Amazon or iTunes. However, if you buy the CD from Bigger Thomas, they will also include a copy of their Resisting Success CD for free!

For those ska fans out there looking for free, no-strings-attached legal downloads, Bigger Thomas is giving away one of the best cuts from Steal Our Sound: "I Can't Remember My Name." (After hearing this song--you'll never forget them!)

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