Monday, October 4, 2010

2011 London International Ska Festival Update: Newly Added Bands include Dub Pistols, The Trojans, Hotknives, Maroon Town, and Intensified!

All I can say is that each new bit of news about the upcoming 2011 London International Ska Festival (April 21-24, 2011 @ the Clapham Grand Theatre) is even more mind-blowing than the last.

Here are the acts and DJs confirmed to date:


The English Beat starring Dave Wakeling
James Hunter
Dub Pistols
The Trojans
The Loafers (reforming with original line up--exclusive performance!)
Hotknives (reforming with original line up--exclusive performance!)
Bim Skala Bim
Maroon Town
Napoleon Solo
The Amphetameanies
The Sidewalk Doctors


Gaz Mayall
The Tighten Up Crew w/ MC Champian
Jim Cox (Reggae Train)
Greedy G
Felix Hall

Twenty-three performer slots have been allocated for this three-day festival; 12 are filled--so we have 11 more bands to go! Sean Flowerdew promises to announce the new groups and DJs very soon, including five legendary Jamaican artists. (Any bets as to whom they might be? Prince Buster? Derrick Morgan? Alton Ellis? Rico Rodriguez?)

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In related news, both Maroon Town and Intensified have signed with Rockers Revolt Records and will be releasing new albums in early 2011!

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The Duff Guide to Ska will be posting an interview with Sean Flowerdew (Pama Intl, The Loafers, Rockers Revolt Records, London International Ska Festival) in the near future...

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