Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Madness Video for "Mr. Apples" Off Upcoming "Can't Touch Us Now" Album!

Madness have recently released this very funny, entertaining, and well-done music video (wouldn't expect anything less from them, really) for the terrific track "Mr. Apples" from their forthcoming album, their eleventh!--Can't Touch Us Now (to be released in the US on CD and vinyl on November 4, 2016; you know I've pre-ordered both versions!). As you will see, the song is about a man torn between the extremes of moral goodness and vice...

If you haven't been paying attention--and I suspect this is the case amongst my countryfolk, since Madness rarely perform here (ahem)--over the past several years, Madness have been releasing some of the best music of their long and illustrious career. Check out my reviews of  2009's The Liberty of Norton Folgate (and its accompanying film by Julien Temple) and 2013's Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da if you need convincing.  The Nutty Boys have still got it!

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