Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rhoda Dakar Releases Bonus Digital Track As Preview of LoTek Four PledgeMusic Project!

If you're a supporter of Rhoda Dakar's LoTek Four PledgeMusic project (see our write-up about it here), you found an email in your inbox today announcing the release of a free digital track exclusively for pledgers, which will not be included on the band's forthcoming vinyl or CD.

Eager to hear what the LoTek Four have been working on in the studio, I downloaded the track and was really pleased to find a terrific rocksteady version of Dolly Parton's and Kenny Rogers' 1983 country hit (#1 on the pop charts in the USA) "Islands in the Stream," which was written by the Bee Gees! Since the Gibb brothers know their way around writing massively popular hooks, this track easily makes the jump to another musical genre--and Dakar and company (Louis Vause and Paul Tadman from Crunch aka the Nutty Boys/Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra; Lenny Bignell of Pama International and The Sidewalk Doctors; Mark Claydon from The Get Up; and Terry Edwards of The Higsons) deliver a really sweet version of this song.

I can't wait to hear what else Rhoda and her collaborators have in store for us!

(If you're interested, there is still time to support the LoTek Four project and pre-order a 7" vinyl EP or CD.)

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