Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Spatial AKA Orchestra Live

There is a great write-up of a recent Spatial AKA Orchestra show in Brighton in the Guardian by Alexis Petridis. It's a joy to read.

Here are the money quotes:
As his former bandmates reap the benefits of their national-treasure status, Dammers seems to be deliberately aligning himself with musicians denied mainstream acceptance because of mental illness, poverty or sheer bloody-mindedness. Their company suits him.
Dammers's arrangements brilliantly join the dots between [Sun] Ra's work and funk, making the inaccessible accessible. At one jaw-dropping juncture, they play, in quick succession, not just Tubular Bells, but Joe Meek's I Hear a New World, a ska take on Erik Satie's 1893 solo piano piece Gnossienne No 1, the Specials' International Jet Set and the theme from Batman. It is a long way indeed from knocking out Too Much Too Young while wearing the limited-edition £99 Tonic Suit that Burton produced to commemorate the Specials' reunion.
Sounds like if Jerry & Co. ever make their way over here, they are going to be a must see!

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They got Burton suits, ha you think it's funny
Turning rebellion into money

-- The Clash, "White Man in Hammersmith Palais"

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