Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Duff Guide to Ska Video Vault: The Toasters' "Original Man" and The Scofflaws' "Daniel Ortega"

The Duff Guide to Ska is proud to present the second installment of our video flashback of The Toasters and The Scofflaws in action at NYC's Palladium in November 1992 (these were taped as bumpers for a one-off television special that is now lost to the ages).

This short clip has The Scofflaws performing Mike Drance's "Daniel Ortega" instrumental, while The Toasters play a track that I think must be titled "Original Man" (I'm assuming that Pablo D. must have penned this tune, since it didn't become a part of The Toasters set list or make it on an album after he parted ways with the band).

(For anyone who cares--and, really, why should you-- I was one of the fans grooving to the beat that day. Fortunately, my ugly mug is hidden in this video; you only "see" me in one shot dancing as a black silhouette against a blue background!)

Watch the YouTube-hosted video clip of The Toasters' "Original Man" and The Scofflaws' "Daniel Ortega" here.

Also, catch another video of The Toasters' "Thrill Me Up" and The Scofflaws' "A Shot in the Dark" here.

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Jeremy Patton said...

I have this entire show from the original tapes that were sent to Buck :) I left these off our DVD due to possible copyright issues, but I've been thinking about "bootlegging" them at some point ;)