Friday, September 24, 2010

Joe Schloes (ex-Braces) on Why You Must Go to the 2011 London International Ska Festival

Joe Scholes (AKA Joachim Uerschels, formerly of the 80/90s German ska band The Braces, now in Alphaboys featuring Joe Scholes) was a participant in the first London International Ska Festival in 1988 with his band and has six pretty compelling reasons why you should move heaven and earth to get to the 2011 London International Ska Fest (reason one includes better bathrooms...which is really making a point about how the venue is first-class, as opposed to the Sir George Robey, where the guys lined up at the bathroom door and just peed into the room, as it was awash in urine; sounds kind of, um, primitive back there in the late 80s). It's a good read...


Joachim Uerschels said...

Thanks a lot for reposting.
Cheers, Joe

Steve from Moon said...

My pleasure, Joe! I love what you wrote on your blog about the London Ska Festival, past and future!