Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Return of Dr. Ring Ding!

Big news for fans of vintage ska sounds--Germany's Dr. Ring Ding (a.k.a. Richie Jung) is back in the studio recording an album of new ska tracks. Here's the announcement from Dr. Ring Ding's Facebook page:
The recordings for a new, all-ska album of Dr. Ring Ding have started! It will be accomplished in Catalonia and Germany, comprising, among others, members of Barcelona’s own Freedom Street Band, as well as some of the Doctor’s longtime companions from the German ska and reggae scenes, and a few special guests from Jamaica and the USA. New compositions of old school ska in the vein of the legendary "Dandimite" release from 1995 – we will keep you updated!
The aforementioned Dandimite release (with the Senior Allstars) was definitely one of the best traditional ska releases of the 90s, and its follow-up, Ram Di Dance was in every way its equal (the more musically adventurous should track down Diggin' Up Dirt, which mixed hip-hop and reggae with incredible results--while a good compilation of Dr. Ring Ding's output from the 90s-00s can be found on Back & Forth).

Most of the good Doctor's work lately has been in the realm of dancehall (apparently there is a fairly huge German dancehall scene), but it's really welcome news that he's back on the ska tip again.

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Someone said...

That. Is great news. So many of my old faves from the 90s turned out to be the Dr.'s. Can't wait to see if the new stuff is just as good!

Lawless said...

yeah man those albums were pure classics and well worth picking up.Best of the 90's