Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ye Ole Anti-Ska Bandwagon

From "Sucky Moments in Music" by Bryan J. Sutter (in Playback:stl, an online review of pop culture from the St. Louis area)...

Ska | Somewhere in America there are ska bands living past the genre's freshness date, which expired somewhere around the time your sister got a sun tattooed around her navel. Ska punk, non-secular and third wave still roam the streets like diseased dogs, trying to convince our youth to buy checkered belts and Less Than Jake CDs from Hot Topic. We've turned a blind eye on the thousands of children who go to sleep hungry every night; we cannot turn our back on this. We lose this battle, we lose our humanity.

The words are mildly amusing (if not sloppily assembled--diseased dogs hawking ska wares from Hot Topic?), but their meaning hurts.

Then again, his ignorance on the topic bores me.


Jeremy Patton said...

I think he is just bitter that "all the clubs have been clooooosssed down" because his town, St. Louis, is "coming like a ghost town".

Last time I was there the place was dead, there are hardly any decent places for bands to play anymore and there is only 1 good record store left in town.

Maybe he tried to join a ska band years ago but didn't have the chops?

Brendan said...

Either that or he tried to wrestle Gerry from MU330 and got beat up..

Anonymous said...

"aaaand raspberry swirl is the ONLY ice cream flavor"