Friday, November 13, 2009

Extensive Interviews with The Specials on MOJO Website

The MOJO Magazine website has posted extensive interviews done by Danny Eccleston with each of The Specials (except Jerry Dammers). Read them here.

According to the interview with Sir Horace Gentleman, prospects for a U.S. tour and new material aren't that promising:
So after Christmas, are there any plans?
The plan is to leave England alone next year, unless something wonderful comes up. And I think there are loads of festivals in Europe. We could just work weekends. There was talk about going to America. Though our first attempt wasn't particularly successful - and the work the "Number 2s" did over there devalued our stock. But there's loads of places we could go. I understand South America is a burgeoning market. We spent the latter part of July in Australia and did three cities. It's amazing the amount of people who used to live in Coventry who now live in Australia, and they all came to the show. So I suppose we could go back there and play a few more cities.

Can you envisage any recording?
No, not at present. It's not a thing we've talked about. Give the people what they want, and people want to hear A Message to You, Rudy, Too Much Too Young and Rat Race.
Money quote #1:
Are you fed up of talking about him [Jerry Dammers]?
Terry Hall
: I understand why people ask about Jerry. I'm fascinated by Jerry and why he's not doing it, and I'm in the group! I can't get my head round it at all.
Money quote #2:
Lynval Golding: Jerry Dammers is an inspiration. He taught me to be strong and to never give in. Because Jerry never gives in. And that's why we had to do this without him.

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