Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Old News: History of Moon Records in "Alternative Rock"

I'm not quite sure how I missed this when it was first published in 2000 (oh yeah, I was struggling to keep 7 Wonders afloat and everyone but the faithful few hated ska), but the mega-prolific music writer Dave Thompson , who reviewed several Moon releases in Alternative Press back in the 90s, covered the basic history of Moon Records (somewhat accurately) and the American third wave ska scene in his book "Alternative Rock" (Miller Freeman Books). I had seen this title at a bookstore a few years ago and didn't catch the brief chapter on ska (though I remember thinking at the time that his decisions as to which alternative bands to include and omit were really odd).

Anyhow, I came across the Moon Records entry accidentally via a Google Book Search (read "The Moon-Ska Stomp" chapter here). If you pick up a copy of the book (which is out-of-print, but can be purchased from on-line used booksellers--I bought my copy from Powell's), you'll also find that it has a partial Moon Ska discography (it fails to list any release after MR100, which was supposed to be a re-issue of the "NY Beat" and "Ska Face" comps) and features a decent Toasters entry (the only third wave ska band to rate an overview in Dave Thompson's book!)

Let the nitpicking begin, y'all!


Bob Timm said...

Hey there, Steve.

Nit-picking indeed, especially since the article seems to focus on only a couple of artists. Certainly, Toasters, Meph and Chris Murray were standouts, but it almost treats Moon Ska as if they were aspiring to be a major label and these were the closest stars they produced. The real treasure of Moon Ska as an indy label was precisely the opposite: they weren't looking to find the "stars" and get them on the hit parade. Moon Ska was the home for a whole community of bands and fans and it didn't matter whether you were on the Warped tour or just playing the local scene. Moon did a great job of letting a lot of young, local bands get their music out and be a part of something strong. (That's my "buck" - o -2 on that and I'm stickin' to it.)

Steve from Moon said...


Thanks for your comment and finding the blog!

I'm really happy to read your opinion of Moon--it is certainly what Buck envisioned for the label and what we tried to achieve while we were around. (In fact, it was often more fun/satisfying to work with the local bands that weren't trying to hit the big time...)