Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preview of King Hammond's New Jacuzzi Album

Here is a great preview of the upcoming King Hammond Jacuzzi album (which can be pre-ordered now):

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KH--"a man you can trust"--has been really busy on the video front. Here are a batch that are worth checking out from his Riot in London Town EP and The King and I album:


Ryan Reeves said...

Back in the Early 90's, they put out the WORST mesh of bad English Rap/pop. I never thought that I would end up liking a band that uses a moaning woman as their main vocal track! This one sounds great!

Steve from Moon said...


Thanks for your comments. However, I think you must be confusing King Hammond with someone else (there was an acid ska fad in 89 in the UK--maybe you are thinking of Longsy D?). King Hammond has never done rap/pop--only skinhead reggae.