Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Video from By The Rivers: "Take Control"

Hailing from Laurel Aitken's adopted home town of Leicester, ace reggae outfit By The Rivers have a fantastic new video for their CD/digital single "Take Control" (Kompyla Records).

In the video, when you first see a hand manipulating the video game control stick, you might think it's about the legally dubious U.S. drone program, but according to the press materials...
"...the song was written around the time of the 2010 Government elections in the UK and is an emotive song expressing the frustrations of voices not being heard when Government change was so desperately needed. The song aptly illustrates the feelings of the majority of the public in the UK, describing the stagnation of both the Tory and Labour party, the country once again plummeting into recession, and the fear of future riots and destruction at the hands of a dissatisfied nation."
I always love a good message in my music.

If you recall, By The Rivers was selected by The Specials as tour support for their 2011 UK arena tour.

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