Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cherry Red/Phoenix City Records Picks Up "Rhoda Dakar Sings The Bodysnatchers" for November 2015 Release!

If you missed out on the PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign for Rhoda Dakar Sings The Bodysnatchers, you now have a second chance to obtain what is an essential album for any self-respecting 2 Tone fan's collection! Cherry Red Records imprint Phoenix City Records is releasing the Rhoda Dakar Sings The Bodysnatchers CD on November 6, 2015--and the first 50 pre-orders will be signed by Rhoda Dakar.

As you probably already know, I'm crazy about this album (which features Ms. Dakar singing both previously recorded and unrecorded Bodysnatchers tunes and she's backed by two Specials, Lynval Golding on guitar and Horace Panter on bass; Sean Flowerdew of Pama Intl/Phoenix City All-stars on keys and co-producing; Mark Claydon of The Get Up on drums; Lenny Bignell of the Sidewalk Doctors and Phoenix City All-stars on guitar and co-producing; and Karl Wirrmann from Intensified on sax)--read my Duff Guide to Ska review of "Rhoda Sings The Bodysnatchers" album here. I strongly urge you buy it if you don't already have it!

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