Friday, June 19, 2009

Specials (Minus One) to Tour US?

According to a recent interview with Roddy Radiation done by Glen Smyth of Dizzybeat, The Specials may do some gigs in the US by the end of this year...

Glen Smyth: I notice a New Zealand date has been added to your tour. Does this suggest other parts of the world can expect a visit from The Specials? I know the Yanks are hoping they get a visit.

Roddy Radiation: There are a few places in the world we haven't played! New Zealand will be interesting. America is calling and we may try to fit a few dates in at the end of the year if we are still standing!
Smyth also asks about the lack of new songs in the current Specials set list:
GS: Madness has had some recent success with the release of new material. Are there any plans for The Specials to do some new songs?
RR: I have plenty of new songs and I know some of the other guys have too, but we will have to do some demos and discuss what is right for the band next year, which could be problematic.
I wonder how this will work out without Dammers involved...

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In addition to some UK dates in November, the band is doing four dates in Australia at the end of July and one in New Zealand in August:

Saturday, July 25 @ Splendour in the Grass - Byron Bay

Monday, July 27 @ The Enmore Theatre - Sydney

Tuesday, July 28 @ The Enmore Theatre – Sydney

Thursday, July 30 @ The Palace Theatre – Melbourne

Saturday, August 1 @ The Logan Campbell Centre - Auckland


ReadJunk said...

They better come to the US! Regardless of Jerry not in the band, i don't care! haha

Steve from Moon said...

From our Specials' tour poll, it looks like a good number of Duff Guide to Ska readers would pay to see them perform if they come over here to the USA (and I count myself among that crowd--though I'd bitch about Jerry not being there and the lack of new songs or re-interpretations of the hits).


ReadJunk said...

I can see people bitching about new songs if they played the same songs over and over every year, but thats simply not the case. they just dont tour that much, esp. with terry. For this tour I'm happy to hear all the classics, if they continue to be a band; then play some new songs.