Friday, November 23, 2012

Hub City Stompers End/Inspecter 7 Returns!

Here's the latest word from the Hub City Stompers:
After 10 years musically stomping your face Jersey style, Hub City Stompers will be coming to an end. As profound and depressing as one would expect this to be to us, I actually bring this news with a bright and focused outlook for the future. 
Hub City Stompers' demise is facilitating a rebirth of sorts. Beginning in February 2013, Inspecter 7, from whose ashes HCS was spawned, will be back full time and full force. The majority of the HCS line up and HCS music catalogue will be coming right along to Inspecter 7 to be added to the i7 roster, as well as some Steel Toe Solution material. So don't look at this as so much of an end, but more so as things coming full circle. It's all coming home. The same songs, spirit, energy, and drive of both bands will be there with i7. So come right along as the story continues, and witness 20 years of NJ music history under the banner from which it all began: Inspecter 7. Be on the lookout for i7 touring out your way. 
HCS thanks EVERYONE involved in any way for a decade of dirty Jersey music and fun. And for those of you not already down with i7, we urge you to come right along to Inspecter 7 and continue on the journey. 
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And please spread the word, and share the shit out of this with whoever you think would want to be privy to this!
Thanks again.
See you on the i7 side! 
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If you want to catch HCS before they are no more, these are your last chances:

11/23 Fontana's in NYC (tonight!)
11/30 ITOA in Arlington, VA
12/1 Popeye's in Peekskill, NY
12/16 Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ (

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