Monday, December 7, 2015

Jools Holland BBC Radio 2 Tribute to Rico Rodriguez

It's only available for a limited time (23 more days from today, to be exact), so when you have a moment, listen to Jools Holland's recent tribute to/celebration of Rico Rodriguez on BBC Radio 2. Holland played a fantastic mix of recordings of Rico's own music ("Man From Wareika"), as well his absolutely essential contributions to other musician's songs (Dandy Livingstone's "Rudy, A Message to You," The Specials' "Ghost Town"). 2 Tone's/The Specials'/The Special AKA's Jerry Dammers and reggae saxophonist Michael "Bammie" Rose (who's worked with Rico, Aswad, Dennis Bovell, Lee Perry, and Jools Holland's band) were on hand to share their memories of Rico and their thoughts about his incredible musical career.

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