Friday, November 19, 2010

"Let's Have a Party" with Kid British

This video here from Kid British seems all the more appropriate as it's the end of the work week (if you have work to do, that is)...

"The economy is falling/You're playing with your mobile/Oh, let's have a party now..."

A "Party at Ground Zero" for the post-Dubya years, kids.

+ + + +

Fans in the UK were lucky enough to have the opportunity to catch Kid British opening a slew of fall dates for UB40 on their Signing Off 30th Anniversary Tour. I wish Kid British had been along when UB40 played NYC recently.

+ + + +

And here is Kid British's pretty amazing cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" (surely, one of the greatest New Wave-era songs ever, along with The Smiths' "How Soon is Now?"), which we assume is on their forthcoming album...(KB split with Mercury, who wanted them to go more pop than ska--and are now signed with Manchester digital label Modern English).


Adam Coozer said...

The New Order cover is pretty cool. Gonna check these guys out - thanks for the tip!

Steve from Moon said...


Thanks for visiting! As soon as I find out when their new album is being released, I'll let you know.