Monday, March 14, 2011

New Amphetameanies Video: "Good One Go"

Scotland's Amphetameanies have a eye-popping new video (love it when they're playing on the Moon--and keep an eye out for the Death Star!) out for their single "Good One Go" (read The Duff Guide to Ska review of it here).

As you (should) know, The Amphetameanies are one of the featured acts on the upcoming 2011 London International Ska Festival--they are playing day three:

Saturday, April 23, 2011
The English Beat starring Dave Wakeling (UK/USA)
Gaz Mayall’s Gaelic Ska Champions (UK)
Intensified (UK)
Napoleon Solo (Denmark)
The Amphetameanies (Scotland)
Jimmy the Squirrel
DJs throughout show: Felix Hall & tba
Club night running after bands through til 3am:
Lynval Golding (The Specials) & Wrongtom's Ska Review

(For the line-up of the entire London Ska Fest--Owen Grey is the latest addition--click here.)


Jon said...

Oh dear. That video rather encapsulates everything that is "embarrassing" about being a ska fan. Excessive use of checkerboards/black & white motifs. Awkward brass musicians standing around, goofy "dancing", on top of it being a bland "third wave by the numbers" song.

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks for your comments, Jon.

Gordy Meanie said...

in defence of our 'awkward' brass, the green screen we blaggedg was so tiny, they weren'y allowed to move or bits of them would have gone missing from the shot... :)
hahahhahahahhahaha .... if only

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks, Gordy, for your response!

MrDankDonk said...

it's a pleasure Steve :)
now where's your review of 'Now! That's What I call.....The Amphetameanies'?

and what's Third Wave?
we're from Scotland and know not of these technical terms...

Steve from Moon said...

Err...the review is still in my head?

1st wave= 60s ska bands like The Skatalites, Prince Buster, etc.

2nd wave= late 70s 2 Tone

3rd wave= late 80s/all 90s post-2 Tone ska (Toasters, Potato 5, etc.)

MrDankDonk said...

because we started in isolation from any 'scene' or knowledge thereof.... can we not be classed as a 'micro-wave' ska band?


Steve from Moon said...

Ha! Nah, you're 3rd started in the late 90s.

No idea what to call what is happening now. Hate the idea of 4th wave.