Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reviews of the 2011 London International Ska Festival

For we poor bastards that were unable to make it to the 2011 London International Ska Festival for lack of money and/or time, there are reviews in The Music Fix (accompanied by fantastic photos!), The Standard London Evening, and The Other Side to give us a little taste of what we missed. Plus, Kevin Flowerdew's Ska Vids Facebook page has a few live videos up right now.

Here's the money quote from the intro paragraph of The Standard London Evening review:
In a room full of Doc Martens, tartan-lined Harrington jackets, pork-pie hats, braces and buttoned up Fred Perrys one would be forgiven for thinking they had done a Doctor Who and ended up in 1979 Coventry at the heart of the English 2 Tone ska revival.
Hope to see many more LISF reviews and videos up on the internet soon! (I'm waiting for Jason Lawless' report in particular!)

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Reggaeville has an excellent write up of LISF--plus a twenty minute video of Ken Boothe's performance.

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