Friday, September 14, 2012

Preview the New King Hammond Single "Rude Boy Rock"

Here's the skinny on the excellent new and very limited-editon King Hammond 7" single, "Rude Boy Rock," which is coming out this October:
"The disc is a white label, 100 only that will be individually signed to the buyer. It will also come with a "Rude Boy Rock" badge.The flip side is a song by Sammy Buzz, "I Got it on Vinyl." N.1. Records is now concentrating on just vinyl releases now mainly due to the increase of people downloading or 'burning' discs. Being of an age, I'm old school. I like my vinyl and in the coming months will be releasing more white label singles. I know in some ways it's cutting my own throat a bit, but for a while King Hammond and CDs are having a trial separation, but you can still get the four albums I have released in the last two years from www.king

Anyone who is interested in picking up one of these singles should get in touch with King Hammond via his Facebook page.

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Regular readers of The Duff Guide to Ska know that we are very much anti-music file sharing, so we can't blame KH for going the analog route for now.

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