Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Toasters Sign with Phoenix City Records and are Set to Play 2013 London International Ska Festival!

Here is the big news from Sean Flowerdew at Phoenix City Records:
The latest band to sign to the Phoenix City/Cherry Red label is America's longest running and arguably most influential ska band, The Toasters. Formed in 1981 on Lower East Side of Manhattan, their fusion of 2 Tone and New York punk and rock ignited the US music scene, resonated around the world and is now regarded as the precusor to the Third Wave of Ska.

Over the last three decades, The Toasters have played in over 50 countries, from Siberia to Istanbul, Peking to Rio and back, laying down the tracks for others to follow. They have sold over a million copies of their 12 albums, been produced and mentored by Joe Jackson, and are cited as one of CBGBs' 20 core bands alongside their with personal heroes The Ramones.

The Toasters continue to celebrate their 30th year with tours of Indonesia, China, Australia, USA and will return to the UK in March 2013 to perform at the London International Ska Festival.  
To join in the celebrations, Phoenix City/Cherry Redwill be issuing two Toasters albums. The first 30th Anniversary is superb 20 song collection charting their career so far and the second is the reissue of their classic debut album Pool Shark with 8 bonus tracks.
Both albums are out on 22nd October and are available exclusively to preorder now at

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