Friday, October 16, 2009

Devil's Night Out

Hoi Polloi Skazine has just posted the ultimate Halloween ska playlist (200+ tracks!). If I ran a radio station, this is what I would use for programming on All Hallow's Eve. Go eyeball it and see if John missed anything (and let him know)!

Also, don't forget to check out HP Skazine's October Ska Almanac.

John, are you predicting a lot of snow this winter? (Oops, wrong kind of almanac...)

Oh, by the way, the illustration to the right shows the disembodied head that comes to haunt you if you don't mend your illegal music file sharing ways, kids... Sweet dreams.


Watermelon said...

Wow, that's a crappy list. I know it's not your list but this is where I read it.

Not one Thumper song and to think Mephiskapheles doesn't hit the list until 108. Geez.

Steve from Moon said...


I don't think the songs are in any particular's billed as a playlist NOT a list ranked best to worst.

If you think something is missing, just let John know and he'll add it.