Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ska Research Guide at Bowling Green State University

Duff Guide to Ska reader John Cook let us know about a ska research guide he created utilizing the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives (ML/SRA) at Bowling Green State University (this served as his graduate thesis project in library science at Kent State University). According to John, "its purpose is to provide a basic history of the genre and to act as a starting point for those researching ska using the library's collection." Check out his guide here--it provides a good introductory overview of the genre, highlights key bands, and offers a suggested discography for each era!

I did a little bit of searching in the ML/SRA and was impressed to find that its collection contains some fairly hard-to-find ska releases, such as the German/Pork Pie LP of The Toasters' "New York Fever" (with its dancing thermometer on the cover!), a CD of Prince Buster's "Prophet" (a great out-of-print collection on Lagoon Records in France--which was withdrawn due to a dispute over who had the authority to license the tracks to the label), and his "She Was a Rough Rider" LP on Skank Records (UK), which is probably worth about $150-$200!

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