Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PopMatters: The Ska Will Go On

Back in May, I was interviewed by Jennifer Davis (freelance journalist and singer for the Megalith Records act St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review), along with a bunch of other scenesters, for an article titled The Ska Will Go On that was recently published on the PopMatters website. As with any overview of ska history--particularly the era that I was involved with--one may find some things to quibble over (too much coverage here, not enough props there, something else completely omitted, etc.), but it's an interesting read, and The Duff Guide to Ska gets a mention!

And for the record, despite how I was quoted, I firmly believe that the vast majority of albums that Moon Records released were good to excellent...

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For some more background on Moon Records--its rise and fall--as well as my attempt to launch and sustain a digital download ska/reggae label called 7 Wonders of the World Music back in 1999/2000, check out this lengthy interview I did with Adam Coozer for Read Magazine at the dawn of this decade.


Kames Jelly said...

interesting article. i disagree with a few points, and i didnt like the way a few things were written, but ive never been completely satisfied by an article written about ska...haha

Steve from Moon said...

Most feature articles about ska try to cover too much ground, so they tend to leave out too much, or not accurately convey what happened.

You know the expression "history is written by the victors." Well, it sometimes is written by whomever you happen to interview...(and doesn't mean that it's the whole, true story).