Thursday, May 26, 2011

Asian Man Records' 15th Anniversary Festival!

Mad respect to Mike Park for keeping his incredible DIY punk rock 'n' ska label--Asian Man Records--going all of these years! He's throwing a huge multi-day festival (June 15-19 at Slim's, Bottom of the Hill, and Thee Parkside in San Francisco) with over 40 acts (as well as a free BBQ on June 18th at Thee Parkside from 2:30-6:30 PM)--all of the event details can be found here.

Ska and ska-punk bands featured at the Asian Man Records 15th Anniversary Festival include MU330, Monkey, Unsteady, Buck-o-Nine, Slow Gherkin, Slapstick, The Chinkees, Bomb the Music Industry, and more. Plus, there are a slew of punk bands if yer into that kind of thing!

If you're anywhere near the Bay Area, this looks like a terrific way to spend a couple of days. Support live music--support the bands--support Asian Man Records!


Paul said...

Really bummed I couldn't make this and the 17 year old kid inside me is totally depressed. Slapstick was probably my favorite band back in my ska heydays, would've loved to have seen them live.

Loved all of the ska Asian man put out like Meal Ticket, Pushover, Blue Meanies, Link-80, Knowledge.

I think we need some sort Moon-ska-esque reunion extravaganza on the east coast and get some bands back together to play a bunch of shows like this...

Steve from Moon said...


I hear ya! When I was reading about the Asian Man Fest, I was thinking the same thing...wouldn't it be great to have a big ska fest in the NYC area.

The problem is who has/is going to put up the $$$ to pay the bands...and will the ska fans actually show up? I'd love to organize something big, but don't have the cash to do it.

The Toasters' 30th anniversary reunion show slated to take place this fall has the potential to be a big event...details TBA.



Paul said...

Yeah the $$$ question always comes into play. I think thats part of the reason why the Asian man thing is going to be a success, I think a lot of the bands are doing it for Mike and Mike giving them a chance and putting out their music and not so much the money, ya know.

While theres a money question, I think the Ska fan support would be there. I've been to a bunch of the Pilfers reunion shows and if thats a reflection of the fan support that still lives & breathes a reunion extravaganza would be huge.

Think of how amazing it would be to see Mephiskapheles, maybe a scofflaws reunion, Spring Heeled jack, they weren't on moon but Metro Stylee. Its a pipe dream, but hey ya never know.

Cannot wait for the Toasters 30th show, I check the Duff Guide daily and always hope to hear news on that!

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks, Paul! Glad to hear your comments about reunion ska shows. I'd like to think that they would be popular and get the ska fans out to the clubs.

And I agree with you that most bands would play a big fest without asking for too much money, but the flip side of that is finding a promoter willing to put up some cash for the bands and an NYC venue eager to partner with them.

Paul said...


When I win the lotto I'll gladly be the $$-MAN.
As soon as that happens I'll hit you up and we can get the ball rolling on our epic Ska reunion fest!

Steve from Moon said...

It's a deal! When the cash comes in, let me know and I'll set up the massive ska fest!