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2012: The Year in Ska - Dr. Ring Ding

Editor's Note: As the end of the calendar year sneaks up on me--as it always does, since the fall is always so damn busy!--I always scramble around to put together my "best of" lists of the ska singles, albums, reissues, books, etc. that I really enjoyed over the past year and want to highlight for all the ska fans out there. But I also thought it might be interesting to feature some other opinions, so I approached a diverse group of ska musicians, bloggers, DJs, and label heads to find out what their favorite ska things were in 2012. And thus the "2012: The Year in Ska" series was born! Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to participate--I really appreciate it!

The amazing Dr. Ring Ding (AKA Richie Jung) has graciously participated in this episode of our year end survey of all things ska. For those of you who don't know him (and you know you should!), Dr. Ring Ding was first in Germany's excellent post-2 Tone ska act El Bosso und die Ping Pongs in the late 80s and early 90s. After that band dissolved, the good Doctor formed Dr. Ring Ding and the Senior Allstars, which was one of the very  finest modern traditional bands in the 90s and early 2000s. Now solo (but working with the Freedom Street band and other guest musicians as the Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza), Dr. Ring Ding has a brand new album out--"Piping Hot" (which you can read about in our recent interview with him here), as well as two new vinyl singles on Jump Up Records (reviewed by The Duff Guide to Ska here).

2012: The Year in Ska - Dr. Ring Ding 

Top 5 Favorite Ska Releases

1) Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza – Piping Hot

2) Mr. T-Bone and The Young Lions – Nothing To Lose

3) The One Droppers – The Big One

4) The Void Union – Higher Guns

5) Upsessions - Below The Belt 

Top 5 Favorite Live Ska Shows

1) The Skatalites (in Münster, Germany)

2) The Skatalites (in Cologne, Germany)

3) Rude Cat Festival (in La Mirona, Catalonia)

4) The Busters (in Wiesloch, Germany)

5) El Bosso and die Ping Pongs, The Butlers etc. (in Berlin, Germany)

Top 5 Favorite Ska Merch

The two most recent albums of the Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra and their t-shirt. Other than that, I am not much of a merchandise-buying person.

Top 5 Ska Regrets

I wish I would have been around at and had more time to check out more shows of the touring bands--The Slackers, Hepcat, etc.
 Other than that, too few regrets to mention. Overall, it was a good year for ska! 

Top 5 Ska Wishes for 2013

1) That the fans keep the fire burning.

2) Seeing more good bands emerge.

3) Seeing my favorite bands going strong (long live The Skatalites!).

4) Success for the Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza tour(s).

5) New interesting cooperations...

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