Thursday, September 10, 2009

Madness 30th Anniversary Tribute Album Release Date Set

[Editor's note: the fantastic Madness 30th Anniversary logo was designed by Lee Jepson at Kayfabe Design--and he was kind enough to let us use it here.]

According to Jean-Pierre Boutellier of Skanews and the French Madness Fan Club (French MIS: French Madness Information Service), the Madness double-CD tribute album 30 Years of Madness (Big 8 Records) will be released on October 5, 2009 in record shops across France and on the web via the Amazon in France and other fine internet retailers.

JP reports that members of Madness have heard advanced copies of the record and "love it." At the moment, the CD is the top selling 'World Music' album on

For more background about this project, check out the interview I did with JP (who is one of the producers of the album) back in November 2008.

The Duff Guide to Ska hopes to be posting a review of 30 Years of Madness in the near future...

In the meantime, here's the tracklist:

CD 1

THE MIS MC'S: "We Love You Madness"
Featuring Jonathan Young, Robert Hazelby, Lee "Loobyloo" Buckley & Daughter Danni, Arno & Jean Pierre Boutellier , Benoit “MR B” De Gauléjac, Steve Bringe, Graham Yates, Owen "The Nutter" Collins, Garry Scurfield of Shut Up & Vince Carden.

Backy Skank: "In The Rain" (McPherson/Madness)
Boy In The Boat: "Day On The Town" (McPherson/Foreman)
Cherry Boop and the Sound Makers: "Cardiac Arrest" (Smyth/Foreman)
Desorden Publico: "It Must be Love" (Siffre)
Ejectés: "The Prince" (Thompson)
Freddy Loco featuring "Rocksteady" Freddie of NYSJE: "Return of the los Palmas 7"Barson/Woodgate/Bedford)
Gordon: "Michael Caine" (Smyth/Woodgate)
Indeed: "The Sun And The Rain" (Barson)
Inspector: "Our House" (Smyth/Foreman)
JAG: You Said (McPherson/Barson)
Jah On Slide: "Bed and Breakfast Man" (Barson)
JNEB: "In The City" (McPherson/Smyth/Barson/foreman/crutchfield/inoue)
King Django: "Nakht Shifl Ken Kayro" (Night Boat To Cairo) (McPherson/Barson)
Les Touffes Krétiennes: "On The Beat Pete" (Thompson/Madness)
MOT: "Sign Of The Times" (McPherson/Barson)
No Dread & Black Sifichi: "Never Ask Twice" (McPherson/Barson)
Niko Costello: "Drip Fed Fred" (Thompson/Barson)
Statuto: "Un Fiore Nel Cemento" (Johnny The Horse) (Smyth)
The Chancers: "Deceive The Eye" (Foreman/Bedford)
The Inflatables: "One Better Day" (McPherson/Bedford)
The Opium Eaters: "The Opium Eaters" (Barson)

THE MIS PLAYERS: "02 Ole Ole Ole" (Finally The Weather)
Featuring Jonathan Young, Micheal Gillis, Benoit “Mister B” De Gaulejac and the Madness fans in the 02 Arena 19th December 2008.

CD 2

Elastik featuring Malika: "Magic Carpet" (Thompson/McPherson/Foreman)
Swanlake: "She's Gone" (McPherson/Barson)

Chimpmunks are GO!

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