Friday, September 4, 2009

Prince Buster Suffers a Stroke (Part 2)?

This word on Prince Buster's health (taken with a grain of salt) comes from a forum posting on via Liam Ska's Heavy, Heavy Monster Blog (please ignore all the links to the illegal downloads of ska albums there--not good):
Some great news - Prince Buster has not had a stroke as was reported on BBC 6Music. According to a post by 'mrClaypole' on the forum at

"I got in touch with...Busters UK manager and.......the shows had been cancelled because the Brighton show that they were going to do 1st had been pulled and that it was the same promoter for the Camden gigs, they hope to do some shows before the years out. But the good news is "THE PRINCE IS IN GREAT SHAPE" and no he hasnt had a stroke as reported.# Long live the Prince!!!."
Not sure who Mr. Claypole is--and no disrespect to him--but I tend to believe what Gaz Mayall says.

(Speaking of 1960s ska-era musicians suffering strokes, has anyone heard anything about Lord Tanamo lately?)


Anonymous said...

Prince Buster is a hostage in his own house...

Steve from Moon said...

So sad to hear this.