Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Pressure Sounds Releases: King Tubby, Jah Wobble

The good folks at Pressure Sounds (UK) have two new releases coming out of their pipeline:

King Tubby & The Dynamites: Sound System International
(PSCD/LP65) - Available September 7th (NOW!)

A fifteen track CD and a ten track single album. Ten early King Tubby dubs from Clancy Eccles productions that are as rare as they come. This is truly a very obscure album--check out streaming tracks from this album on the Pressure Sounds website. (Of note, if you purchase this LP or CD directly from the Pressure Sounds website, they will include three free, limited-edition postcards printed in Japan of King Tubby from the 60s, courtesy of his estate, which will be packaged in a custom printed paper bag.)

Jah Wobble: Get Carter
(PST1006 10’ Vinyl) - Available Late September

Two new heavyweight versions of the ‘Get Carter’ movie theme. Thunderous new recordings by one of the best bass players around.

The past few Pressure Sounds releases/re-issues that I have picked up in the last year or so have been stellar, including Jimmy Radway & The Fe Me Time All Stars' Dub I; DJ Kentaro's Tuff Cuts; the Micron label com Every Mouth Must Be Fed; and Joe Higgs' Life of Contradiction. All of these are highly recommended! (If you are looking to order any of these releases in the US, I've bought all of the aforementioned titles through Ernie B's Reggae in California and J&R Music World in NYC.)


Kames Jelly said...

they also just re-released the Pleasure Dub album credited to Tommy McCook and the Supersonics this year. Its an old Treasure Isle dub collection of rocksteady classics including Phyllis Dillon's Right Track, The Pargaons' Tide Is High, and a dub of a DJ version of John Holts' Ali Baba.

not to mention all the laurel aitken reissues. what an amazing label

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks, James. I haven't heard the Pleasure Dub album yet, but I think I should pick it up, as I love all of those tracks! (I just need more $$$ to keep buying all the good stuff out there!)

Also, the Laurel Aitken reissues are actually on Pressure Drop, which is a subsidiary of Cherry Red.

Kames Jelly said...

Oh yeah, my mistake. I highly recommend the Pleasure Dub set though. It's incredible.

Steve from Moon said...


I'm gonna get it on your recommendation! The only question is CD or LP? (I'll probably get both!)