Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gifts from Madness!

The Nutty Boys just wrapped up their "Do Not Adjust Your Nut" tour of the UK and are graciously offering some free downloads of live recordings from various stops along the way:

Blackpool: "Lovestruck"

Glasgow: "One Step Beyond"

Newcastle: "Forever Young" and "Madness"

Manchester: "Shut Up" and "Clerkenwell Polka"

Leicester: "Embarrassment"

Leeds: "My Girl"

Nottingham: "The Sun & The Rain" and "Tomorrow's Just Another Day"

Bournemouth: "Bed & Breakfast Man" and "The Young & The Old"

Reading: "Driving In My Car" and "The Prince"

Birmingham: "Wings Of a Dove"

Cardiff: "House Of Fun" and "Tarzan’s Nuts"

Plymouth: "NW5" and "Our House"

Brighton: "Baggy Trousers"

London: "It Must Be Love" and "Night Boat To Cairo"


Anonymous said...

amazing blog steve! gracias!!!

Steve from Moon said...

You're welcome! It's my pleasure!