Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Obey the Ska!

I now completely forget what image I was searching for when I came across this crazy mash up of OBEY's Andre the Giant, The Beat's logo font, and "Dance Craze's" iconic loafer, checkered sock, and houndstooth trouser combo. (Don't know if this t-shirt is even available anymore--I couldn't find it on eBay or through a Google search--the image was posted on a turntablist's blog, which noted that the shirt came out in 2009.)

Shepard Fairey knows good design (the "Dance Craze" LP cover and poster was created by John "Teflon" Sims) to "appropriate" when he sees it.

Anyone ever seen this shirt in person?


Anonymous said...

i got this one. ben sherman also has one. jim doyls has it.

-sammy forthrights.

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks, Sammy!

Steve from Moon said...

This shirt is called "Rude Boyz" and was available last year (2009) through the chain store Zumiez...

skAcid said...

Another 'ska' T-Shirt from Obey.
"Sound Clash Special Edition"
(Its for sale, so be quick;)