Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Skavoovie Documentary Soundtrack

In "ant"-icipation of the forthcoming Duff Guide to Ska interview with Ans Purins (freelance illustrator--he did some work for Moon Records back in the day--and comic book artist, as well as frontman) of Skavoovie, check out this really quite compelling and informative video about ants titled "Ants! Rulers of the Insect World" by Adam Lazarus. What does a nature documentary have to do with ska, you may ask? Well, it features a ska/dubby/jazzy soundtrack composed mostly by Skavoovie members Eugene Cho and Ben Jaffe, which was then performed by the band. Very good stuff here.

Ants! Rulers of the Insect World from Adam Lazarus.

According to Ans, this video hasn't been available for about a decade, so it's nice to have it in circulation again...

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Also, I just received my review copy of Ans' awesome new comic book, "Zombre (#2), The Magic Forest," which I'll review when I post his interview.

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